about me

SONY DSCmy name is Hadassa AKA The Dutch Vegan Mom, I’m a yong mom from the Netherlands. my passions in life are: nutrition, cooking, child care and being a mom. on my blog I share my recipies, my journey of being a mom and my knowledge of nutrition. on this page here you will find some more info on me and why passions are so important to me.


why I started this blog

I started this blog when my daughter was about 2 months old. she was born 04-03-2017 thats one of the moments that totally changed my outlook on life and just my life as a whole. when I was struggling with being a jong mum or just combining who I was and who I became, I loved reading other moms experiences. so I thought about starting a blog myself, not just for sharing my mom journey but also for sharing my other passions. I thought about it for about 2 months before actually starting, because I wanted to be committed to my blog and know it wasn’t just a impulse. in the beginning I started with just sharing my recipes because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to share my mom journey jet. I started sharing my mom journey when my daughter was 6 months old with my first 6 months of breastfeeding. because that’s one of the things I’m proud of.


why veganism?

SONY DSCas a child a was a very sick one, every snotty nose turned in to a very bad cold or worse. also my mental health as a child wasn’t great I suffered from anxiety, dysthymia, ADD, low self-esteem and a eating disorder caused by bad family relations, being underweight and then overweight, not getting the help I needed at the time and  not letting anybody in. I always had a very bad relationship with food, when I was 3 to 6 years old I was so picky I would only eat chicken breast without seasoning, crackers, applesauce, green peas and sometimes potatoes. because my belly would hurt if I ate anything else, I became scared to try other foods. as a result I was way to thin and had no energy and a very low immune system. when a was about 7 or 8 I started trying sweet an salty treads because my parent wanted me to eat something else and because I was being bullied for being so thin. so my diet stayed the same except for I was now eating my caloric daily intake extra from sweet and salty treads. because of this change I gained so much weight for my little body I became very overweight, and I was bullied again but now for being fat. these bad shifts helped to create my low self-esteem and triggered my anxiety and dysthymia, witch led me to find a solution on the internet. first I just found fat diets and tried them even though I was just 10 years old, they made me feel even more bad about myself and made my relationship with food even worse. I did lose weight witch made me feel good about how I looked but I still wanted to lose more. then at 11 years old I saw a short documentary about all the horrible things that go on in the egg industrie, I was shocked and anxious about what else was being done to animals. so I went on the internet again this time to find answers about the industries. I found what I was scared of and more, but when I shared what I had learned nobody believed me because “that doesn’t happen in the Nethelands” well it does people and I don’t want to support that. then I found out about the health benefits and was sold, I tried veganism and finally I could eat again. also my depressions went away, I was on antidepressant from the age 9 to 15 and finally I was meds free.



SONY DSCmy passion for nutrition comes from the health problems I had and de bad relationship with. because I was suffering so much from all those health problems I had a drive to find a answer within food. I didn’t want to need my meds anymore, I didn’t want to be depressed anymore, I didn’t want to fear gaining weight anymore, I just wanted to be healthy and happy. when I found veganism and felt the benefits for myself, it made me interested in the science behind it. I did my research and with that I found my passion and my job. I now work to help people with there diet and lifestyle, to heal, to get slim, to get bigger or just to become healthier. I love my job and I would never had known how much nutrition impacts my life and health if I wouldn’t have seen that documentary.


child care

SONY DSCI’ve been working in child care since I was about 14 years old, it all started with a small kindergarten about 30 minutes from where I lived. as a young child I always wanted to become something with working with children, yes it sounds vague but I changed my mind about what it meant almost every day but one thing stayed the same: it was with children. but at 14 years old with my first real encounter with child care, I could really say I was right. I loved working with those kids and seeing them develop, so much so that in the end I dreaded summer break. especially because I knew I wasn’t coming back after the break. I went back to school to learn and become a kindergarten teacher, after that little kick start job I did at 14 years old I worked at 3 other child care places, under who a primary school for children with disabilities and two other kindergartens. I loved working with all the different ages and learning to approach all the children in the best way for them. the knowledge I collected I use in my approach toward my own daughter and in my work when working with other children.


what kind of job do I have?

I don’t have one job like most people around me, and I don’t have your typical 9 to five either. most of the time I say I’m a stay at home mom but that’s not really true, yes I am with my child all day everyday and yes I do everything a stay at home mom would do but I’m not a typical stay at home mom. I am a student learning for a higher level of education within nutrition, I clean for people who need help with there houses, I run a business by helping people with there health and nutrition, I am a blogger and on top of all that I’m a mom. I balance my work between naps, playtime, cuddle time, time with my partner and the household. so you could say I’m a superwoman but I think all people are super people when they do what they love and feel their best.