where dit my vegan journey begin

my vegan journey began at the age of 11 with the shocking truth of what goes on in the egg industry. after that my life and my view on what was good and what was bad had totally changed, I didn’t trust what I was told. so I began my own research, kept my research quiet because I had christian parents and they would not support my my research about the animal cruelty.


img_20160102_1531541056902057.jpgmy love for the animals

as a child my love for animals was already a big part of who I was. when we would take a drive with the car I always would yell when ever I saw an animal, especially horses, donkeys, dogs and pigs. when I would cycle around my town and find ducks, chickens, goats or kats I always stopped and pet them or cuddle them. and I would get so extremely mad if I saw someone be mean to an animal, they didn’t even had to hit them or kick them I would already get mad if they said something mean to them. my love for the animals has had such a big impact on how I thought about food, even before I went vegan I didn’t like eating meat because it was from an animal but I was taught that animals were food. looking back at myself as a child I realised I was a vegan at heart all along but I just needed to be freed.


20140705_1817171917528842.jpghow I started my research

my research didn’t start with veganism, it started with searching for answers for the problems I had. I wanted to fix my mental health and my bloating, I was suffering from dysthymia and bloating caused by bad digestion. I came along a youtube video of freelee the banana girl about how she got a flat stomach, and that was my first encounter with veganism. from there I was intrigued about what veganism was and why people made the change. after that first video I watched hours of videos about veganism and read all kinds of articles, then I watched cowspiracy and earthlings all in one month and it totally changed me. I learned so much and got so inspired I knew what I needed to do.


20140711_1258571497110031.jpghow my first few months went

before I even went vegan I needed to ask my parents because I was only 11 years old, I knew my father would be more accepting so I asked him: “can I try veganism for a week?” and he was very skeptical at first because he believed that was very unhealthy and not what god would want, but he still said: “okay, but just one week” but I never stopped. the first weeks I went on a mostly fruit diet because I read a lot about what that could do for your metabolism and mental health, I didn’t feel my best but better then I did before. then I went on a raw till 4 diet wich made me feel a little better again but still not my best, I got a lot of criticism at that time because people around me thought I was getting way to much sugar and was leading myself to an eating disorder or diabetes. now I was about 2 and a half months in to being vegan I had lost a few centimeters all around my body and my mental health went a lot better, but still I felt like I wasn’t where I needed to be. I was happy and felt a lot better but didn’t know if what I felt was because of my distimia and would never become better or if I could fix it with my diet and lifestyle. so for my last change in my first 4 months of veganism I triedĀ  high carb low fat, my body was changing fast to fast for my liking looking back. but at that time I loved it because of my mental state, I felt amazing about how I looked and was showing it of in tight shirts witch I never wore because of my belly fat. I was so proud that I didn’t see what it was doing to me, as you can see in the photo I had very bad bags under my eyes. I slept an average of 11 hours a night and took a nap after school, so lack of sleep wasn’t the problem. the problem was my mental state, because of my past I didn’t see what happened and didn’t controle what I did. without actually noticing it myself I was eating less and less to the point were IĀ  was eating just around a 1000 calories a day and exercising. my hormones where out of balance, and I didn’t have a period for two months witch was very unusual for me. luckily I re found my love for food and my love for a little bit of fat at the end of my first 6 months of veganism.


this was a hard but beautiful start for me to look back on, I am so proud of my 11 year old me for pushing trough. I think if even I could do it at such a young age most people could do it to, veganism isn’t about being perfect or eating healthy all the time, it’s about: the animals, the planet, the future generations, saving water, having compassion, world hunger and about your health. so if you feel inspired to try it out, go for it! I do recommend doing your research, but do it with your hart and mind in the game not just one of them. for me it is one of the best decisions I ever made, and I will never go back knowing what I know now.


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