let’s set a good example


For adults it’s important to have a well balanced diet, but for children it is even more important. With kids all over the world being at two total opposites, one being obesity and the other being malnutrition, it is our job as parents too know what our child truly needs, and try to give that every day with every single meal. There are too many kids getting way too sugary or fatty snacks and food, those snacks and food just simply do NOT have the nutrition your child needs. And on the other side children that are so picky they only eat a few food items, also no better, even if there eating just tangerines and cucumber. I see it all too often children who just don’t have the light in there eye’s, because they simply do not get the right nutrition. You can’t expect a child to choose the healthiest option all the time, and I do get it if you have a picky eater, I was one myself, but that is no excuse!
let’s start


Okey yes it is hard to learn children too eating healthier, but it is so important. They are the future, what we learn them now is gona last atleast a lifetime, most likely a few lifetimes. I’m not here too tell you “you are doing it wrong” or “you are being a bad parent because you give your kid sugar” because you’re not. If you are reading this that means you care about your kid, and you wan’t too set a good example, and that makes you a good parent already. The first thing I think every parent should do is, do your own research. No matter what lifestyle you follow, you as a parent have the responsebility too know the basics on what your child needs in every stage of childhood. There are way to many parent’s who don’t know the basics and just do, but if you don’t know how a meal should look for a child, then how are you gona be able too provide your child with the right nutrition? You don’t have too become a nutritionist or become a houseparent and cook all day, just learn the basics. Like how you should combine a meal, all meals should have: a good fat, a whole grain, atleast one fruit or veggie, and some protien. So no white bread or white pasta with a salty topping, just switch from white bread and pasta too whole grain that makes a big difference, and add some veggies.
but my child is a picky eater


Yes ofcours that’s a diffecult situation, and I get that you probably think it is never gona change, my parent’s thought the same thing when I was little. I almost didn’t eat anything so I was very skinny, I just ate: un seasoned chicken, crackers, cucumber, apple sauce, green beans and sometimes potatoes. then I started eathing just junk because I didn’t want too be so skinny anymore, and I became obese. So I’ve been on both ends of the scale as a child, and that is why I think it is so important too feed your child nutritious meals. Because it isn’t fun being underweight or overweight as a child, but if you where never taught, you don’t know how too fix it. I wish my parents did more research about nutrition when I was young, that would have made my start in life a lot easier health wise. If you have a picky eater and you want them too eat healthier, you have to get them to give in. They need to be pushed too the edge so they kan see what’s on the other side. Look for alternatives for your kids favorite food item’s, and give them lots of options too try. They will not change over night and it will be a long journey, but in the end they will thank you for it. Try what kind of fruits and veggies they like too snack on, and cut them in to fun shapes or combine fruit with lot’s of colours too make is more fun. Children are more likeley to eat thing’s that look fun, that’s why fun coloured or fun shaped food items are always the first choice or children. And if there is no fruit or vegetable that you kid likes too snack on, try too make healthy cookies, because what kid doesn’t like cookies? There are so many recipes you could try, so there will be something your child likes. Also a good tip one I’ve used a lot when babysitting picky kids and while working in childcare, make pureed veggies. If you make pasta make the pasta sauce full of pureed veggies or make sweet fruit smoothies with veggies in it, they won’t even notice.
make the change with them


Changing your lifestyle with your kid is so important because why would they have too eat healthy when you are still eating whatever you want. When you are eating colourful and fun looking foods they most likely would want to try it as well. Also it is a good tip too not buy your or your kids favorite junk food’s anymore, because when they are in the house you are gona eat that in stead of the healthy foods. Try too make and buy healthy alternatives in bulk so you will never run out of good snacks for the moment’s you just want to snack and go or snack and relax. Buying in bulk is also a good way to keep the cost down, because healthy eating can be expensive when your not being smart. Support your child in al moments of the change talk about it with them, it is important for children too feel included no matter how young they are. Kids understand way more then you might think and they are way more likely too except the fact that there diĆ«t is changed and will stay changed if you include them. With kids we are also talking about exercise because just as with adults it is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, my advise is: get active with them! don’t just send them outside or bring them too a sports class because if they are not used too exersising and being active they need you as there parent too motivate them and do it with them. No matter how much you work or how busy you are with other stuff take the time too get active with your child, they will love that little time with you and they will feel supported. Even if your child is a very active one himself and has a lot of fun doing so, make some time too get active with them, children need our time for there mental and emotional health and development. So your not only doing it for there fysical health but also for there mental health.

I think these things are very inportand because it has been proven that children who feel supported and involved are less likely too get a mental contition, more likely to become happy adults and are more independent as adults. We as parent’s always want the best for our children and will always strive to give them whatever they need, so if you want too make this change with your child make it a safe one, do your research and ask for help if your not sure how too change or where too start. This post is part of a upcomming series I’m starting all about health, so if you’re interested and want to become part of our blogging family enter your email down below and get notified when I upload a new blog post.


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