how I started my vegan journey


I started my vegan journey in 2010, when I was at a woman’s day out with my mom. There was this lady who wanted to educate us on the meat chickens, and the whole group didn’t know what was coming. She showed us a short clip of what really goes on inside those factory’s, everybody was shocked, especially me because I was only 10 years old ad the time. When I saw those clips something broke within me, my parents never told me what really went on in the making of meat. I was disgusted by myself for not knowing, and I was disgusted by my parents for knowing put still eating it. After that day I started researching what else was going on in making animal products, and every thing I found made me even more mad and disgusted. I just couldn’t understand why people would want to eat an animal, I started to understand that those animal you see in commercials of meat, dairy and eggs running around and being happy was just a fantasy. that in real life those animals where abused, hurt, raped and mistreated and I didn’t want any part of it. so I decided I wasn’t gone be apart of it I stopped eating animal products all at ones. My parents warn’t very happy with it because I was a very fussy child and I didn’t like eating at all, so they where concerned that I wouldn’t get enough nutrients (I was already anemic, had severe migraines, a very low blood pressure and had a lack of most b vitamins on a regular diet) so I said to my father that I wanted to try a vegan diet for a month and they agreed, but little did they know that I wasn’t planning on going back at all. after a month they wanted me to test blood values so I did and the test came out very positive my blood work was all good I didn’t have any nutrients shortages anymore, my parents where shocked and happy but still not on board with me being vegan but I didn’t let that stop me. I just started cooking for my family showing them how easy and tasty a vegan diet can be, and because of that I found one of my passions so I expanded my passion by just experimenting with lots of different spices, fruit and veggies until I had something to call my own and be proud of. Now fast forward 7 years I’m even more proud of what I am doing with my passion, and now I’m a mom of a beautiful little girl who is totally healthy and happy. she is a vegan baby but I will never fours her to be vegan in the future, because that’s a choice she needs to make on her own she will have to follow her own path and establish her own standards. but my journey came from within myself, It came out of my love for the animals and our planet. because this world is given to us so we should protect it and not harm it!

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